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Monday, January 23, 2017

Rosh Does: A trip to the Dentist

Like many adults in the UK, almost half of the UK population to be precise, are afraid of the dentist. The thought of that chair reclining, the smell of the dental surgery and that nauseous inducing drill sends me into a state of heightened anxiety. This intense fear stems from a traumatic experience I had when I was in my teens when I needed four teeth removed for orthodontic work. The dentist was not empathetic towards my fears, continuously rammed numbing needles into my gums and cracked, yanked and pulled my teeth until they were excessively bleeding. I was so traumatised by this experience, I had to get put to sleep for another dentist to remove the last two teeth.

And so, you can imagine my sheer horror when last Friday I noticed there was a small hole in my tooth. I immediately thought the worst: was it severe tooth decay, would I need a root canal or worse would the dentist be taking the tooth out?! So many questions were swilling round my head and so reluctantly I booked myself in for a dentist appointment with a new and younger dentist.

After a few deep breaths and a quick “you can do this pep-talk” I made my way to my local dentist. The grey cloud of doom immediately appeared when my dentist told me that the last time I had sat in the dentist chair was seven years ago. Can you imagine! I thought I would need numerous root canals and extensive dental work.

Two x-rays, a full teeth and gum check-up later I was overwhelmed to hear the dentist say “wow, I’m impressed your teeth are in great condition!” Even he was shocked to learn that there were no signs of rot, decay or plaque. Thank the good Lord!

I was told that the hole in my tooth was a result of weaker enamel, not due to tooth decay. The gap was quickly and painlessly filled and I genuinely left the dentist smiling.

For over seven days I honestly feared the worst, when in reality, my anxieties were misplaced and unfounded. I am determined to take this little lesson and apply it to other life situations when I feel stress and anxiety looming.

Read how I use coconut oil and fluoride free toothpaste in my oral care regime to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Rosh xo


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