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Monday, November 14, 2016

Rosh Does: Why I stopped drinking cow’s milk

Diary alternatives avaliable in the UK

Having binge watched Vegecated, Food Inc. and Cowspiracy on Netflix UK around one year and a half ago I decided to stop drinking Cow’s milk. If you haven’t watched any of these documentaries they act as eye-openers into the secret, dark and graphic world of factory farming and how milk is produced. The female milk cows are often kept in filthy conditions knee high in their own filth, are artificial inseminated, become pregnant which in turn stimulates their udders to create milk. After giving birth, they lactate for 10 months and are then inseminated again, continuing the cycle. As similar to humans, us females only generate milk after we have given birth.

The cow’s milk is then harvested and shipped off to the shelves of our local supermarkets and convenience stores. There are many misconceptions surrounding the nutritional value of milk, the top three are:

  • Cow’s milk is an excellent source of calcium
  • Milk helps protect bones
  • We need milk to grow

We are the only living mammals to drink another mammals milk. Cow’s milk contains nutrients and vitamins to support the health of calves, as dog milk is nutritionally beneficial for puppies and as human milk is nutritionally vital to babies. You would not drink horse milk, or cat’s milk so why cow’s milk? There are many vegetables, fruits and seeds which pound for pound contain more calcium than milk including: Leafy Greens such as Kale, Pak Choi, other green vegetables such as Broccoli and watercress, Oranges, Dried Apricots, Dates, Kiwis, Chia Seeds and Almonds.

We are also the only mammals who drink cow’s milk into and throughout adulthood. Scientific research has linked the consumption of cow’s milk in adulthood to bone disease including Osteoporosis also known as brittle bone disease. Sufferers of Osteoporosis are more prone to bone fractures in the hips, wrists and spine bones.

As previously mentioned cow’s milk is nutritionally specific to fattening up calves and enhancing their immune systems. As such humans do not gain much nutritionally from drinking milk, our bodies are not designed to digest it and as a result many teenagers and adults are lactose intolerant.

There are many other delicious and nutritious alternatives to cow’s milk available in supermarkets across the UK. The ones I have tried including Hemp Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk and Soya Milk. I didn’t like the taste of Almond Milk (I hate those biscotti biscuits, so the almond flavour is a no go), Coconut Milk was quite bland, Rice Milk was too watery but surprisingly very sweet. Hemp Milk has a very earthy flavour which I found difficult to adjust to, it’s more of a Milk you use in hot chocolate or a coffee than a milk used for cereal. And so that leaves Soya Milk, I drink the Subtle Sweet option from Alpro, it’s creamy and has a similar consistency to cow’s milk without the added pus cells and hormones.

What non-diary alternatives to cow’s milk have you tried? Which ones are your favourite?

Let me know on Twitter.

Rosh xo


  1. I stopped drinking cows milk after accidentally stumbling on an article on PETA's website. It's horrific what they do to the cows just so we can have some milk to put in our coffee. I also don't understand why we're the only mammals to consume another animals milk; I'm really intrigued to know what the first person who drank cows milk was actually trying to do.

    Raise The Waves

  2. What was the article I'd be interested to read it? I'm with you on that cows' milk is for baby cows and not humans that's a fact!


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