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Monday, December 30, 2013


We all want our hair to be in tip-top condition, come rain or shine we want it looking its best. So when I read about the benefits of the Co- Conditioning method I was intrigued. 

After shampooing and conditioning, does you hair ever feel crunchy, stiff to touch or makes that weird crispy sound? If yes, this blogpost is for you, if no, continuing reading anyway... This happens because some of the products in Shampoo, mainly sulphate (found in many household detergents and which causes shampoo suds) whilst cleaning your hair strips your scalp of its natural oils. As a result, leaving your hair dry and bristly and so we put conditioner in an attempt to re-moisturise our hair and scalp. This is why after a good condition our hair feels so soft and smooth.

Therefore, co-conditioning, basically means cutting out the use of shampoo, instead substituting conditioner to wash your hair, thus maintaining your hairs natural oils, adding even more moisture and minimising hair damage. I know what you are thinking, when I first read about this method, I was like ew so my hair is going to be moisturised but dirty? However, I have since tried it for myself and my scalp and hair were left clean as a whistle. 

This is the conditioner I use.
Organic Root Stimulator- Replenishing Conditioner

How to Co-Condition

1. Dampen hair and apply a healthy amount of your conditioner.
2. Wrap cling film OR put on a shower cap leave for however long you desire (I leave the conditioner in overnight).
3. Repeat if necessary
4. Thoroughly rinse hair, dry and style.

Your hair should feel silky smooth to touch.

So far I am very happy with how my hair is looking and feeling, it's sitting right which is always a bonus! Has the Co-Conditioning method worked for you? Let me know in my comment box below. Thanks.

RR x


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