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Monday, December 09, 2013

Bargain Hunting

I'll let it be known from the off, I love finding all types of goodies for bargain prices especially clothes! Don't get me wrong from time to time I do enjoy a good browse through Cow rails, Rokit and other vintage clothing stores. 

However, where I really come into my own is in Charity Shops, 'Salvation Army', 'The British Heart Foundation', 'Keech Hospice' , 'British Red Cross' you name them I love love love them all! I am a pro at rummaging through the rails and spotting the diamonds in the ruff!

The other day I brought a fabulous pair of high waisted white jeans, a printed t-shirt, a patterned vintage blouse and a floral head tie, all for the grand total of SIX POUNDS. I nearly keeled over in the store, the jeans alone would have at least cost me £30. Another time whilst bargain hunting in Newcastle Under-Lyme I found a vintage Sherling Sheepskin Coat, the price tag you cry? Eight Pounds! The coat was in near mint condition inside and out. So you can imagine my joy! 

With high street stores prices slyly increasing (that's right we've all noticed), I often question why pay nearly thrice the price, when with a little bit more effort you can find the same item if not better for cheaper and it'll be that little bit more fantastic because you know it'll be a one-of-a-kind piece and that you have done your bit for charity! 

Here a few of my fantastic finds:

From L - R
White Mum Jeans; £2.99; Salvation Army
Patterned Clutch; £1; Cancer Research UK
Sherling Sheepskin Coat; £8; Age UK
Black Mesh Crop; My Mum's Wardrobe
Wrangler Denim Jacket; £3; Thrift Store in East London
Floral Headtie/ Scarf; £1; Keech Hospice
Black and Brown Clutch; £3; Salvation Army
Black Ankle Boots; £4.99; British Heart Foundation
Black and White Patterned Blouse; £1; Keech Hospice

In total the above nine items cost me less than £25.

So let's get to it ladies and gents your charitable pieces are waiting to be found. 

Happy bargain hunting! 

RR x

P.S. For more information on how to put together a bargain outfit visit Fashion&Tingz blog here at: trust me you will not be disappointed. 

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