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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Return of the Kitten Heel

Ladies we are all in agreement; kitten heels are the work of the fashion Beelzebub. Yet, it seems as if the fashion gods wanted to lead us into purgatory with the latest shoe trends; barely there sandals and court shoes. From designer to high street, from celebrity to fashionista these classic classy heels (and I use that term loosely) are everywhere. A 'barely there sandal' is defined by its literal barely there design; a classic open toe with a thin strap across the toe bridge and another single strap fastening that sits quite high on the ankle, whilst a 'court shoe' is predominately a pointed, low cut, closed toe heel without any fastenings. 

I'll be the first to admit when I first saw these I was in a conundrum, I thought they would pull together an outfit dressed up or down, slim down my cankles and define my calves, amongst other fashion trickery us females employ. However, niggling in the back of my mind was the question "aren't these kitten heels?" You see some versions of these shoes have tittered on being a mid-high stiletto, whilst others, well lets just say I've seen more height on a curb. 

From L-R
Carvela; Cara Barely There Toe Strap; £120
Missguided; Burgundy Court Shoe; £24.99
Zara; Pointed Nude Barely There; 39.99
Zara; Aysemmetrical Court Shoe; £69.99
River Island; Gold Ankle Strap Sandal; £45.00
River Island; Mesh Pointed Neon Court Shoe; £50.00
Missguided; Two Tone Sandal £24.99
Ted Baker; Green Thaya Court Shoe £110.00
Yves Saint Laurent; Classic Jane Strap; £515.00

Whilst technically a kitten heel is a heel of two inches or less, there is no denying that the height of our heels as hit an all time low. We have gone from perfecting our strut in seven inch + heels, to practising how to stay sturdy in these new all time low heels. But hey fashion is fashion and fashion is loving kitten heels at the moment. 

I'm pretty sure this trend will purr it's way into 2014 and quite frankly I cannot wait to see the variations the fashion gods and goddesses will come up with. As it stands, I own two pairs of barely theres and one pair of court shoes and I'm looking to purchase more. I'm embracing this latest fashion trend with open arms, despite their plummeting heel height!

From L-R
New Look; £19.99
Primark; £2
(on sale for £3 but were marked them so I had them discounted)
Zara; £29.99

So it's a big yes to kitten heels from me.
And to all my other barely there and court shoe lovers, we are all fashion sinners, let's embrace our fiery plight in style!

RR x


  1. The majority of the heels in the first collage have a heel height of over 4.5 inches which I would not class as a kitten heel. I think you would struggle to find a single sole style over 5inches in height as it's not very commercial and it would be technically very difficult to make and walk in due to the extreme would be like walking on your tiptoes. I think you must have been referring to platform styles when you mentioned 7+ inch heels as you would not find that height used on a single sole. Granted, the shoes in the second photo are lower heels although I think the gold zara in particular would just be classed as a low heel rather than a kitten as it looks like a 3incher...

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    When referring to 'Kitten Heel' as I explained I did not mean literal Kitten Heel, as by definition a kitten heel is a heel of 2inches or less, by kitten heel I meant it more as a colloquial term. Me and my friends use it all the time "oh check out her kittens" to describe a heel with a short heel. And yes you're correct I was referring to platforms when I said about 7inches +. 'Return of the low heel' doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

    Hope that clears up any confusion

    RR x

  3. Absolutely love this post! I love my kitten heels! X


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