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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day in the life of a Tourist

Bonjour!! Hope all is well with you, revision etccc :D

I visited the London based courts yesterday with the Madre. After agonisingly long train journey (I was still tired from lack of sleep the night before) we arrived in sunny London, now I don't know about you but I LOVE London- individuality is rife, the city oozes prestige and the smell of the Thames is intoxicating! Lol. 

I was full of excitement and expectation for the day's delights. 

We visited the Old Bailey first, however, rather surprisingly the court didn't stand up to my expectations: I expected grandeur, but I wasn't given it :( 

Once inside we were told that we could sit in on a murder re-trial. This froze me to my core, I couldn't move and suddenly I felt nauseous. We sat with the family of the deceased, which made be feel as if I had invaded their personal space, their grieving time... This poor young lady had been brutally murdered, chopped and burnt by her boyfriend. I was horrified I couldn't believe that human beings could be so inhuman, even after leaving the court I was still emotional. 

Despite these feelings, I couldn't help but feeling intrigued as to why, he had done what he did, what had lead him to think this was the only solution? The defendant was clearly mentally disturbed, this goes without saying, but something had lead him to murder that day and I couldn't help but wonder what that was. I wanted these unanswered questions answered, which has made by think that maybe a  career in the BAU would suit me better :S

Next we visited the Royal Courts of Justice, I love this place, it was so pretty! I couldn't help but think I was walking across the same floor as some of the great Law Lords! We then went on a self-tour and I took a pic with Lord Woolf himself.* 

I had a great day, altogether it made me think about where I want to be after my degree. I loved the RCJ and really would throughly enjoy every part of my day working within its ancient walls! But then I think back to the murder trial and the thought processes that must have lead the defendant to kill and I'm confused would a path strictly involving the Law, those lovely robes and the infamous wigs be better suited for me, or would a more Criminological/ Psychological career path suit me better? 

I am going to have to do some in depth personal research on this one. 

Enjoy your evening guys.

Yours Faitfully, 

*made of metal hangers  
Behavioural Analysis Unit

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